Cydia for iOS 11 & iOS 10 Latest versions

Cydia is your loving application which support for most of the Apple device models. This application is one and only application can use as real alternative application for Apple app store. We are unable to find any alternative application for famous Cydia. Cydia is developed by Mr.Saurik for jailbroken devices. This application can only download and install after jailbreak your device. You are unable to install Cydia application without jailbreak your device.

You can install Cydia application with jailbreak applications. All jailbreak applications are not real jailbreak applications. All users need to follow jailbreak applications with proper knowledge. Otherwise your device will brick after jailbreak Cydia application to your device.

Follow this Link to download jailbreak apps to get Cydia

Cydia Download jailbreak direct links

Cydia compatible iOS versions

Most iOS devices can download and install Cydia application successfully. But only few models unable to get Cydia for your devices. If you are Apple user follow this simple method to get Cydia application from your Safari browser.

  • Open your Apple device safari browser
  • Browse –
  • Tap Install Now to add Cydia application to your device
  • Tap Install to continue Cydia installation for your device
  • Tap Done to add application to your device

You can get Cydia less than one minutes of time using this simple method. User need to tap helper application generated in the screen to download Cydia application without any issue. This application will automatically scan your device configuration. Finally, it will redirect users to download real Cydia without any error.

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